Tasha Grand

Clarkesville, GA
United States

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My name is Tasha Grand, a native of Lousiana, outlander of New York, yoga girl in California and mother here in Clarkesville, GA. I am also a licensed Massage Therapist in Georgia. I originally received my certification at IPSB (Institute of Pyscho-Structural Balancing) in San Diego, CA. I went on to provide massage at Kiva Retreat House in Santa Cruz, Ca for several more years and also had a private practice for many years. While travelling in the east I, also, studied Thai Massage at the Institute of Thai Massage in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Finally, after two beautiful children, I am more than happy to be back serving and helping our community. I love what I do and I do what I love! I specialize in deep tissue, trigger point therapy as well as lymphatic drainage and prenatal massage.

I have been practicing and studying yoga for almost 30 years. I initally began studying Astanga yoga in 1990 for about 10 years in California with such incredible teachers as Danny Paradise, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Tim Miller, and Domonique Corigliano. Although influenced by the Astanga style my main love today is a gentle vinyasa style which has been greatly influenced by Shiva Rea.

Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed and have an intense appreciation of BKS Iyengar as well. I love studying The Path of the Yoga Sutras by Nicolai Bachman and am forever grateful for his clear teachings on Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras. I, also, have a great fondness for Geeta Iyengar’s “Yoga: A Gem for Women”. I am a reader and love learning so at any given time I am probably absorbing a sacred text of some sort or another.

I have a daily yoga practice that consists of meditation and yoga with some pranayama. I practice yoga whether it is postures, mindfulness, meditation, or breathwork in order to keep me sane. The business of life while raising children and working full time can seem insurmountable at times. Without yoga I don’t know what I would do.

Yoga is more than a physical experience for me, It is a way of life. I integrate my love for the body, mind and Spirit into my yoga and massage practice and thus, into my students and clients.


The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in. ( Iyengar)

When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath. (Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

Yoga is 99% practice and 1% knowledge. ~Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. ~Patanjali, translated from Sanskrit

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. ~ Jason Crandell

Yoga heals, nourishes, and challenges us. The practice infiltrates every corner of our lives. ~ Valerie Jeremijenko