Tassos Antonopoulos


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I am an experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RTY200) and teach in Athens - Greece.
I teach several Yoga styles & Meditation in group, private lessons & retraits, in Greek & English language.
Moreover I am the lead teacher in Yoga & Meditation Teacher Teachers Training Course in Athens (Yoga Alliance Certified).

Yoga means in Sanskrit “union”. For me Yoga is a way of living.
Throughout my spiritual journey, I was fortunate to learn and deepen a variety of approaches and methods under the instruction of important Yoga teachers. Moreover, I was certified as a Yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance International. A major milestone was the 10-day Vipassana meditation seminar I attended - the meditation technique taught by Buddha.
I have been teaching Yoga and meditation in various studios & yoga centers, offering open courses for charitable purposes, organizing Yoga retreats throughout Greece, and in seminars.
By applying a holistic approach, my teaching (in Greek and English language) harmoniously combines several Yoga styles and methods like Hatha, Vinyasa, Raja, Nada & Kuntalini.
According to the concept of non-violence (ahimsa), I emphasize the avoidance of minor injuries (I am also certified by the Red Cross in first aids) and the effortless flow of breath during the course. My duty is to disseminate the authentic teachings of the East, always adapting the courses to the specific needs of the practitioners.

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