Tataya Radtke

Lincoln, NE
United States

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Tataya Radtke’s passion for life is evident in everything she does and most profoundly in her devotion to family and her love for yoga. Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, she spent much of her childhood in a mango tree, learned to speak English at age six. and eventually became a tax attorney. Feeling constricted by her career, Tataya “just knew she needed to move—to stretch!” And that’s when “Yoga found me!” She began her training in the womb of yoga—in India. She studied Hatha, Astanga and Anusara yoga on several continents and has taught yoga internationally since 2003.
In April 2008, she and husband Thomas Radtke opened Yoga Body & Balance (YBB) where together they committed to their mission—to empower people to awaken into a life they love, and to do so by authentically caring for every individual.