Tatjana Good

Cape Town
South Africa
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Yoga Australia Level II Teacher

‘… in essence, we all have our own ‘dharma’ or purpose and reason for being alive. Dharma is to live on purpose rather than by chance.’ Brian Johnson

I believe my dharma - my purpose - in this lifetime is to teach people to live consciously with love and selflessness, to be in the present moment, to dig deep into the muck and gunk and discover who you truly are unashamedly and with compassion, and to connect deeply with other (human) beings and the natural world around us.

yogini, teacher, traveller, eternal student, truth seeker, human rights advocate (justice, equality, freedom), wildlife carer, bookworm


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

43 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Life Changing

Tatjana has inspired me to make the practice of yoga part of my everyday life and in doing so has changed my life. Each and every practice I attend she teaches me humility; honour; respect; love; truth and peace of mind and body.
Thank you for inviting me on this journey Tatjana; you make life more meaningful and have taught me so much about honouring my body and my mind and the importance of balance and harmony in all of our lives.
J.Martel xx

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My yoga journey started with Tatjana’s 6 week beginners course. I signed up at a time when I was feeling very low and needed something to lift my spirits and to heal my body and mind. I have attended yoga at other studios before and have often felt self conscious and uncoordinated! Tatjana provides a very safe and nurturing class environment, free of judgment and full of encouragement. Tatjana pushes you to challenge yourself, but in a gentle way that inspires plenty of self-belief.


Her passion for teaching yoga extends to other important elements such as breathing, mindfulness and meditation, not just poses. Which is exactly what a true yoga practice should be. I can easily say that Tatjana is the best yoga teacher I have ever had and I hope to keep practising with her for many more classes to come.

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Highly Recommend!

I've just completed the 10 week pregnancy yoga course and I would highly recommend it to any expectant mothers. It's not just a yoga class, over the 10 weeks Tatjana brings in different practitioners and providers to discuss different topics about pregnancy and giving birth. She also provides a friendly environment for other women who are also expecting to discuss their progress each week. I believe it’s a very well worth course to set you up for the birth of your child.

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I have just completed the 6 week beginner course & it was great! I learnt some yoga basics & I learnt correct posture which is very important. The small group allowed for personalised sessions & I am going to miss my Monday night yoga classes! I highly recommend Tatjana & look forward to attending her classes again in future.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Highly praise and recommend Tatjana as a yoga instructor. I enjoy each class I attend & always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. This is the first yoga class I've attended were I feel I am learning in each class and leave knowing I can try a different position or stretch at home confidently.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

"Great beginners yoga course. Good class size so teacher can be hands-on if needed. Covered various poses and worked the various muscles in my body. Would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn yoga"

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
Ideal for those starting out

I would recommend this course for anybody looking to take up yoga. Tatjana caters for all levels of fitness and flexibility. The class size is small enough to allow step-by-step attention to detail.

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Excellent for beginners

"Attending Tatjana's 6-week beginner's yoga course was the best thing I have done. The course was well structured and just the right pace for a beginner. I highly recommend it."

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Tatjana is very professional and her love for practising yoga make her classes suitable for everyone, from the beginner to the advanced, allowing everyone to enjoy the practice, push themselves while listening to their bodies.
I had several yoga teachers in Townsville, but always go back to Tatjana, worth it.

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Just Amazing!

I did pregnancy yoga with Tatjana and as a first timer to yoga, she was the best teacher I could hope for. Tatjana is very friendly and approachable, and makes the whole class a pleasant experience.
Each class was fun but challenging, and always left a lingering feeling of calm.
I can't wait to continue my yoga journey with her soon!

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Pregnancy yoga

I did several rounds of pregnancy yoga with Tatjana and loved each class. She encouraged movement and strength as our bodies changed and talked about different ways to support our bodies through childbirth and into motherhood.

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Tatjana is fabulous, down to earth and very encouraging. I have been attending her classes for a few months now and am really enjoying it. She makes everyone feel welcome and there is no pressure to be perfect which is great. Looking forward to continuing my yoga journey with Tatjana!

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A joyful class

Thoroughly enjoy Tatjana's classes with a great mix of fun and work to help me into poses I didn't think I could achieve.

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Yoga enjoyment

Since commencing in February 2015 by participating in a beginners course, I have thoroughly enjoyed improving my focus & flexibility and sharing stories with other regular Yogis.

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Amazing Restorative Yoga

I look forward to my yoga class, I always leave feeling better than when I arrive. Tatiana can adjust the poses to meet what I can achieve, and still provide me with a challenge. My flexibility has improved and I'm feeling much less stressed. Tatiana's classes are well planned, she will adjust if there are special requests. I just love these classes.

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Simply an enjoyable class

Tatjana's friendly, flexible teaching style makes for an enjoyable yet challenging class, which is great for guys who may not quite be into the spiritual side of yoga.....yet. Namaste :-) Neal

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Very pleased with classes

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Tatjana G/good! 5 stars.... student silly ...:-/

initial review stands, an excellent class, star rating now matches opinion! doh, student was obviously having senior moment!

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Tatjana Good - Awesome and down to earth!

I have participated in Tatjana's yoga classes for a few months now and have found the experience to be very wholesome and wonderful for both body and mind. Her style is very friendly, yet it is challenging and diverse. I would strongly recommend her classes to all!

Average: 4.0 of 5 stars
"Wellness Time"

I commenced Restorative Yoga with Tatjana after a 10 yr gap and not a lot of other activity in between. I've found Tatjana to be most welcoming and encouraging, and this particular class is a good level for me to ease my way back in to the practice as a mature age person.

I look forward to class each week because it is a dedicated time to work with your inner self, which is so important and refreshing in our busy lives.

While students are encouraged to attempt the poses, the emphasis is on working within one's limits, but extending oneself over time and learning from the discipline of working through stages to improved levels.

I would encourage others to join in and share the great experience.
Kind Regards, Stella

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One great hour a week

I started yoga a few months ago with Tatjana. She is a very experienced and wonderful instructor. Each week I truly look forward to yoga. Tatjana is very considerate to each persons abilities and only after a few weeks I noticed a considerable change in how my body was able to move. I also took her six well beginner class which has helped set me up for success with the general class and some more advanced classes. Thank you for everything Tatjana.

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One hour a week for you!

Every week, when is yoga time, for me it means I get to dedicate one hour for myself (mind and body) surrounded by positive energy flowing from all other souls present in the room.
Tatjana is able to create a space where you can feel grateful and achieve what you need and want through your yoga practice. Her excitement to see her very well prepared sequences come to life is inspiring!
I love how Tatjana can sense the perfect time to bring awareness back to your practice, and allow you to accept the differences between what is easy and challenging in your own terms.
Her classes are always dynamic and full of good energy, with a perfect balance between spiritual and physical lessons. Tatjana is a wonderful instructor! Namaste

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Best in Townsville

I started going to Tatjana's classes nearly 4 years ago. Her passion for yoga and commitment to her students is excellent. She works to your ability and helps you reach your goals in yoga.
I loved going to her classes, it was time for my body to relax and de-stress.
I highly recommend her classes to anyone from beginner level to advanced.

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I started because my partner was going

I started straight into general class as that is where my partner was at. I am 50 years old and my flexerbiloty is low with in a couple of months I am twisting into all sorts of shapes and just last night I was doing head stands, I am so happy and impressed with what Tatjana has been able to get me to do.Tatjana is an excellent and experienced teacher

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Fantastic yoga teacher

Tatjana is the first yoga teacher that has changed my mind about yoga. I really struggled with yoga before taking her classes. She explains the poses well and the class flows. I like the way that she introduces new poses on a regular bases and we dont do the same thing every week. I look forward to the class and miss it when i cant attend.