Tatjana Mesar


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As a yoga, shiatsu and meditation teacher, I work with busy urban people. I teach them how to get centered, strong, flexible and balanced, while feeling more ease in their body and mind.

I have been studying yoga and Chan Buddhism for 15 years and teaching since 2007. I am also a certified shiatsu practitioner, with 3 years of training at the Shiatsu School Kreuzberg.

I hold a Master Degree in Music and in a not-so-distant past, I’ve played flute in both highbrow classical settings and progressive theaters in Berlin.

When I moved from New York to Berlin in 2009, I founded ‘Zen Yoga Berlin’ and consequently ‘Dynamic Mindfulness’ yoga teacher training, which quickly grew into a lively community of international yoga practitioners and teachers.

While still a musician at heart, my present instrument is the body. Drawing inspiration from a range of yoga traditions, contemporary art, philosophy and daily life, I teach an artful blend of holistic alignment and mindful inner inquiry.

And when I’m not teaching, massaging and creating fun audio podcasts about mindfulness in daily life, I can be found resting in my hammock, strolling around flea markets, listening to concerts at the Berlin Philharmonic, or sitting in silence on meditation retreats with my teachers Zarko Andricevic and Chi Chern Fashi.


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