Taunia Rice

Nashville, TN
United States

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I'm well into my second decade of yoga and continue to delight in discovering the benefits of the practice along with my students. I aim to cultivate a nurturing atmosphere of playful curiosity in my yoga classes. Employing a dynamic Vinyasa flow of asanas, we strengthen, lengthen, and undo our bodies, finding a bit of sweet inner quiet in the process.

My background as a professional ballet dancer led me to the freeing practice of yoga. Slipping outside of the pursuit of physical perfection for a more forgiving practice of inspired and inspiring movement has been a revelation. Challenging and unlocking my body and spirit through these ancient, lyrical poses has gifted me with an even more flexible body and mind. Finding the simple power of the breath has brought me both power and stillness.

I received my Yoga teacher training with the effervescent Stephanie Keach of Asheville Yoga Center and am a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. I teach in and out of yoga studios in Nashville, offering both public and private practices.

I hope you might take a step into this profound practice and see what you discover for yourself. You will transform your body and quite possibly, your life.


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