Tayla Ealom

Berkeley, CA
United States

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In 2011, Yoga found me searching around Los Angeles for a sense of wellness and belonging. It took my hand and walked me into my first I haven't left the mat since. At first arrival, I was searching for some kind of external inspiration, better understanding of my body and the eager release of the stress I had started to carry around. I quickly realized yoga was the key to unlocking the big and beautiful world that lies within, the reflection of strength I had always carried, and the roadmap to the simplicity I had always wanted. Through the practice of asana and meditation, I have begun to see and feel more clearly and it's my absolute honor and privilege to bring this tradition and wisdom to others. Come - let's wiggle together. Release.

Tayla Ealom is a certified Bhatki Yoga instructor specializing in anusara alignment vinyasa style classes in Berkeley!


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