Taylor Harkness

Charleston, SC
United States

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Taylor lives to learn through play. His motto: "This world is a crazy, wonderful, beautiful playground, and it's about time we all jump in." He tried yoga with his rock climbing partner and, after just one class, he was hooked. But beyond physical awareness, his head was clearer, his energy was even higher and more grounded, and he was overwhelmed by all of the love from the wonderful people flowing into his life. To Taylor, it made perfect sense that this practice was called "flow". He soon caught himself at the edge of a new lifestyle and took the leap, diving head first into yoga teacher training, and he never looked back. Taylor is influenced by his pre-med and psychology undergrad focus which feeds his love for anatomy. This plays a huge role in the way he teaches others to liberate themselves within poses. Catch his playful, upbeat and fun practice and you may just find your frown turned upside down.

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