Taylor Jacklin

Spokane, WA
United States

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The journey through life is never easy for everyone experiences hardship and hurdles along the At the time, those set backs can seem daunting or discouraging, like no one and no one can help you. But going through life and looking back on those events, sometimes allow one to find the positive, the beauty, and knowledge to be gained from the experience. Maybe remembering them not as setbacks, but challenges or tests that strengthen character, help to know ourselves better, and find the light within to become the vibrant person we were always meant to be. With that understanding, new challenges are now seen as opportunities. Through those experiences I want to help inspire others to view downfalls as possibility to grow and find the brightness when it is dark. As my mom used to always tell me, that surrounding myself with optimistic people who are an inspiration helped me to harness my own potential even when it was hard to see. but every day is an opportunity to leave shadows behind, find the beauty in each moment, person, and place and feel the warmth of life again. Then, self belief and the feeling of empowerment allow you to slowly push the boundaries of Life begins to change and you are letting your inner flame I believe that as life changed for me on the mat and off the mat it can help anyone. You don't have to be flexible, skinny, slim, or sexy to find yourself in a yoga class. And that's the problem this day in age. People believe they aren't flexible enough, they don't look good enough, when did a simple act of movement become about image rather than self desire and self love or motivation? It's not about looking like how anyone else may look in a position, it's about your journey through that pose, or that stretch. It's about being present within yourself. Mudita. Finding joy in others, being inspired by their accomplishments and striving for better. Inspiration. It's finding motivation to better help your inner beauty shine