Teagan Fea

Auckland F1
New Zealand

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On a mundane level, I am a twice-qualified Yoga Teacher, and a Life Coach with a grounding in somatic psychotherapy. I have 16 years experience teaching yoga, and facilitating retreats in New Zealand, Australia, Peru and Mexico.

As a Coach & Counselor I have worked for many years applying the tools and wisdom I have garnered to assist people to transform their experience of life. I worked at a clinic in Melbourne for two years, then for an organisation specialising in assisting those with mental health issues to return to work, where I managed a full client load for 3 years.

On a deeper level, I have recently unlocked my full power as an embodied Goddess. As such, I feel the power of the divine feminine coursing through me.

I feel a deep connection with the wind, the rivers and the ocean. I feel the sacredness of all life in the earth, in the mountains, in the birds, in the two legged and the four-legged.

I have led a rich life, full of passion and exquisite adventures. I have been through many a dark night of the soul and have overcome huge obstacles. My spiritual practice has led me to experience ecstasy through full communion with the Source of all creation and my gift is in assisting others to connect with their own divinity.

I value the rich relationships and deep spiritual and emotional connections I have with my students, friends and family and adhere to the values of open and honest communication and integrity.

I have studied with many teachers and taught and counseled for many years. I have plumbed the depths of the human psyche and have helped many who have lost their connection with their heart by offering time-honored practices and deep spiritual wisdom and love.

I have developed an online yoga program to help those who suffer from anxiety & depression. Check it out

I feel blessed to share my love and understanding of the mystery of life with others in all aspects of my work.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a beautiful moment, heart to heart, soul to soul.

All my love, Teagan


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