Teheli Sealey Lee Lum

Port of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago

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Teheli discovered her love of yoga by chance in 2010. Seeking "balance" in her life, she turned to yoga in the hopes of keeping fit while at the same time getting stress relief from a high pressured job.

Six years later, her sole joy in practicing yoga is the union it brings in the connecting with the inner self.

Teheli comes from a strong background of health and fitness as both a Personal Trainer and Health Coach and has a deep love and appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

She incorporates a strong yoga practice which focuses on yogic principles of awareness of movement and its importance in creating stillness of the mind and body to enhance the practice of meditation.

She is a Bliss Yoga Level 1 IYAR 500 teacher and has been teaching yoga since August 2015.


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