Tejasvi Kumar Sharma

delhi Delhi

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I am 69% physically disabled in both my legs. My legs have been afflicted with polio since I was 9 months old. But I have been practicing yoga since I was 5 years old.
Despite that, due to my hard work and practice, today I can perform the hardest of the asanas and postures without any effort. Some of them are – bajrangasana, bhunamanasana, vrashchikasana, ekpadkatisparshasana, etc.
But even these asanas are nothing but a child’s play for me. I have developed my own postures that are far harder and which probably even many healthy flexible people cannot do.
In addition to this, I can perform the extremely difficult ‘contortion’, for example, bone-breaking, shoulder rotations, can easily touch my elbow with my lips, etc.
I had realized that I had great flexibility, yet I was afraid of participating in formal competitions of yoga since there is no special category for physically challenged people. In spite of this, I gathered courage and started participating in competitions and championships from 2009 and have continued to win all of them till date.
I have won several national and international championships in yoga in India and around the world.


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