Terence Janssen

Canberra ACT

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Terence has been a mind and body enthusiast since 2006 after making a deep personal commitment to transform his life in body, mind and spirit and has never looked that kid who always climbed trees and explored until adversity struck, he has passion for all things movement and has explored martial arts, drumming, dancing, walking and yoga. It was this combined with a keen thirst for knowledge and working toward self-improvement that resulted in him losing more than 50kg over several years and becoming a yoga teacher and fitness professional.

Terence has been practicing yoga since 2007 when he first discovered the practice at a drum and dance retreat facilitated by John May and Emily Cooper of Heart, Hands and Feet. It was John May motivated him to move beyond fear and explore a new future. In 2011 Terence met inspirational teachers in his yoga practice and by 2013 graduated from Heather Agnew’s yoga school, Yoga Trinity as a Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher.

Terence is the Director Yoga Centricity and follows an approach that involves making yoga, fitness and a health lifestyle accessible, fun and engaging. Always striving to be inclusive, Terence works with people of all ages, genders, races, mobility levels, skill levels including individuals with a disability.

Terence believes in equality for all people and operates Yoga Centricity as an inclusive business.


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