Teri Sanders

Duluth, MN
United States

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Teri completed her yoga teacher training and yoga therapy training through Yoga North ISYI, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist training through the Himalayan Institute, and Adaptive Yoga training with MindBody Solutions.

Inspired by just how adaptable and useful the practices of yoga can be, Teri enthusiastically brings yoga classes to a variety of settings and a broad range of people. She can be found teaching group and individual classes at Yoga North, as well as offsite classes in the workplace, for people with physical disabilities, and in mental health settings. She enjoys looking for new ways to support herself and others in living life with more ease and freedom. Whether that translates into movement practices for more function and ease in the body, or applying yoga philosophy and lifestyle practices for maintaining more harmonious relationships, she is always trying to make the practices of yoga relatable and practical for every day life.

"Discovering the intrinsic divinity at our core is the highest achievement; dying without experiencing it is the greatest loss." Pandit Rajmani Tigunait


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