Terre Bonshock

Carlisle, PA
United States
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1) What do I consider a Healthy Teacher - Student Relationship?
I define a healthy Teacher - Student relationship is one that empowers students to find their own version of a healthy life style. As a Yoga Teacher I would advocate a daily yoga practice that includes asanas, meditations and a mindfulness that carries over into one's subconscious, so as to be present in all you do. This relationship is of a mutual benefit, the teacher listens, observes and learns from their students. The heart center (Namaste) of my Yoga Practice is to live fully in the present, accept what is without judgment, and love what is, acting in a manner that is consistent with these core beliefs.

2) My Belief as a Yoga Instructor - To be a facilitator and not a leader. One who assists and demonstrates the proper asanas, promoting a self awareness. Creating a safe, egoless environment to encourage introspection (focus on breathe, checking in with your body, relax mind and body, clear thoughts from “monkey brain” activity) . In this quiet gentleness, create a space for exploration of the mind. body and soul connection. The yoga session should relax, re-energize, rejuvenate all participants. Ensure that all students accept and love what is. Asanas (Body Movements), Pranayama ( Breath, Energy & Spirit), Savasanah (Total Relaxation) are key components to each session.

3) What constitutes a caring relationship? - A caring relationship is one, where I feel that I am respected and respectful. A relationship that is honest and sincere. How to be more caring in my practice - set an intention before beginning a task. Putting those intentions into caring acts of kindness. Maintain an open heart filled with love for everything and everyone. Being non-judgmental and accepting. Following life's path in harmony with my beliefs, goals, and intentions.

4) What is true joy and peace? - Loving and accepting of what is ...in this world. Treasuring natural resources that exist. To care enough to take action, to speak out and defend and protect those beliefs. Live in harmony with the way things are by listening to others - really listening - reflecting their words back to them. Questioning all thought, is it true? Is the opposite just as true? Who would we be without the thought? Turn the thought around, is that statement just as true? To be less reactive and more proactive concerning core values. Being peaceful does not mean that I am strive to be active, alive and promote peace by taking action to ensure that I assist others to explore their would they be without the go ahead and be that person. Alive, confident, non-judging, free from the judgment of others.

5) Values - My belief "What I do each day makes a difference!" What I practice becomes a habit. Habits become learned behavior pattern. So, I will value being open and respectful to the experiences of others, listening to their thoughts and being reflective of the words they use. Make the most of natural resources at my disposal. To be appreciative of all that I have been given. To challenge myself to read, write (journal), study, learn. To share the joy of movement (asanas), music and art. Be in awe of the beauty of nature that surrounds me.

6) Self Image - Love what moment. In sickness and in health. Be caring and responsible for my mind, body and spirit. Embrace the changes of LIFE (aging process - menopause, arthritis, Buddah Belly, sinus / allergy issues, loss of bone density. Deal with my infirmities head on. Use what is the opinion of a healthy lifestyle to make the most of life on this planet.

7) Daily Living - to be mindful of what I eat, rest when tired, let go of the things I cannot control. Give my undivided attention to the task at hand. Most of all live in the NOW, being open to change, respectful of differences in opinion, and yet focused on living a peaceful existence, helping others to find their inner peace, to encourage creativity, to renew, re-energize, rejuvenate our collective spirit.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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