Terry Lacy

Bangor, ME
United States

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Terry began his career with 5 tigers, 15 elephants and a baby bear on a motorcycle at the Barnum and Bailey theme park Circus World. He continued his fascination of animal performance through the years in a bear suit with his portrayal of the Sugar Plum Bear for the Magnificent Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, as well as numerous additional roles during his 22-year-stint with New York City Opera Ballet (including a Griffelkin, a gentle fawn solo and the ass end of a horse). Further dance credits (of a less furry variety) include roles with Metropolitan Opera, Washington Ballet, Milwaukee Melody Top and as a performer, dance captain and choreographer for Carol Channing’s National Tour of Hello, Dolly. He even had a momentary diversion into the world of boxing with his choreography for Andy Kaufman and Blondie’s Debbie Harry in Broadway’s Teaneck Tanzi. Locally, Terry set the movement for Dirty Blonde for Penobscot Theatre and is a resident choreographer for Robinson Ballet.

Throughout his life Terry mixed the art of dancing with the mind and body centering techniques of yoga. With thanks to the wisdom, inspiration and generosity of his teachers Paul and Suzee Grilley and Issac Pena, Terry is now eager to share his animal roots of downward dogs, happy cows, unhappy heifers and the rest of the yoga menagerie.


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