Tess Booth

Nelson Nelson
New Zealand

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Yoga found me, entered my life and set it alight.

One of the first things I fell in love with about yoga was finding expression through movement as a way to process and heal in a non-verbal way. Just showing up onto my mat to create shapes and form with my body became, and still is, an incredibly empowering resource to reveal and cultivate inner strength and self-belief.

Through yoga I discovered the potency of the state of presence and the freedom that unfolds from breath awareness. Asana practice frees the body with movement and in doing so frees the mind, it allows for a coming into wholehearted relationship with ones internal and external world. I find in my practice this gives me a sense of buoyancy and of integration “into the family of things” to quote Mary Oliver. It is these glimpses of this intrinsic state of being that continue to be my inspiration.

All this naturally led me to the desire to share, and with the supportive energy of my teachers and my family, I began my teaching journey in 2014. As a teacher I seek to create a supportive environment for students of yoga to explore and grow, sharing what I have learnt with warm-hearted passion.

Speaking of warm, actually hot, hot yoga, there is something about the heat, that's medicinal, like the warmth of the sun and the sweat that's so liberating! I am Moksha (Hot Yoga) 500hr certified and have studied kinesiology (mechanics of movement) and yoga therapy under Susi Hatley. Having trained and taught in Canada, I moved back to be part of the Hot Yoga Nelson community.

Most recently I have learnt from Donna Farhi at her intensive workshop-Origins of alignment. My interests are in nourishing a deepened sense of interconnected awareness within the body, to come into a fuller relationship with embodiment. Also developing kinesthetic sensitivity, through felt sense inquiry and somatic meditation. I am currently studying biodynamic cranial sacral therapy, which is infusing my practice with a greater sense of wholeness.


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