Tessa Ingham

Hudson, WI
United States

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Yo La Tees Instructor: Tessa’s passion for fitness was in full swing when she first started practicing yoga and Pilates in 1997. Three years later, she finished her Diploma in Physical Fitness and has since been working as a personal trainer. In 2009, amidst personal training work, Tessa combined elements of yoga and Pilates to form a style she calls Yo La Tees to deliver customized routines to clients who have endured everything from strokes to car accidents to neck and back injuries. Most recently, Tessa’s interests have turned to studying the Lotte Berk Method, a mind-body fitness program that integrates dance, strength training, yoga and traditional fitness exercises. Come to Tessa’s classes to see what a true blend is all about!

Related Certifications: 1)Certified Little Lotus Yoga Instructor 2)Certified Yoga Barre Instructor 3)Diploma in Physical Fitness, 2)University of Phoenix, 2000

Currently enrolled at The Yoga Center of Minneapolis 230-hour RYT


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