Thanos Stavropoulos

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Through my PhD in computer science and assisted living I discovered how yoga can work as a scientific method for holistic, body & mind, well-being for all ages. My mission is to share these findings with the world through practice and the Buddha Libre studio founded in 2016. My core ideals are empowerment, creativity, teamwork and unity.


Average: 4.5 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Accept with minor revision

Δε 'ν κακός!

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Possibly a human manifestation of Ganesha

The guy is wicked at what he does. Methodical, intelligent in his approaches and absolutely thorough. A delight to have him as a teacher, as he overflows with experience, even in the smallest things.

His workout sessions can be insane, though. Last time we had a practice together, at the end of it the room temperature and humidity had reached sauna-levels, possibly at ~80 degrees celcius.

I remember noticing that at the end of the session, my towel was so wet and warm that when I tried using it, it actually placed more sweat on me than before. Thankfully, he allowed us to 'cool down' in the last 10 minutes of the ordeal, which I refused, of course, and walked right out. Who the hell cools down in 80 degrees, a Komodo dragon?

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Maria's review

ekana kalo review??

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Poli kalos o daskalos mas

poli kalos eisai daskale, apla tha ithela ligi eksigisi os pros to pou kai pos ofeloun oi staseis kai oi mikres leptomeries (otan vazoume mesa ton popo i otan ehoume tis patouses tentomenes i ohi...). Kai ligo parapano mental exercises tha to ektimousa idiaiteros. ^_^ Namaste!

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Aware and involved. Dedicated to improving himself & others

Commited to the whole spiritual and empowering body concept, adjusts himself according to everyone's experience, ability and needs. Very experienced and inspiring.