Thea Pueschel

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Why would you want to work with Thea? Because she is passionate about helping you get the life that you deserve by creating positive, actionable steps that are doable and sustainable whether on your yoga mat or in life through hypnosis.

Thea is an artist of living, hypnotherapist and yoga instructor that believes all bodies are deserving of love, attention, and movement. She is also a Certified Core Strength Vinyasa Master Teacher Trainer.

As a hypnotherapist, she has worked with many martial artists, Yoga teachers, scientists, engineers and other professionals to attain their specific objectives, desired outcome or performance enhancement. What popped up in her hypnotherapy practice is what was to prove to be the source of her inspiration as a Yoga teacher. She found that body shame doesn’t have a particular size, occupation, gender or age. She launched a Yoga practice focused on bringing size diversity and body acceptance to Los Angeles, California and, later, North Orange County. She believes Yoga is for everyone, but not all poses are one size fits all.

Empowerment for all and a sense of equanimity is the balance she hopes to bring to the world, to your practice and your being.

Her hypnotherapy sessions are powerful, personalized and encouraging. You will become empowered in your strength and become more capable and powerful than you thought possible in your life. Her yoga classes are engaging, deep and thoughtful. You’ll laugh, you’ll swear, you will feel more connected to being you in this body you have today than you have ever felt before.

She blends her passion for art, hypnosis and Yoga wherever she can. She is the creatrix and facilitator of HypnoArt, Pranayama & Paint Workshops and The Magic of Metaphor – Weaving the Web to Self-Discovery: Guided Imagery and Yoga Nidra Immersion. Thea has co-presented with her teacher Sadie Nardini at YogaNation Chicago and at Yoga Journal LIVE! San Francisco.


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