Theresa Carter

Whitby, ON

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Theresa has a background in gymnastics, figure skating, soccer and swimming. Her inspiration to become a Pilates instructor happened instantly after her first Pilates class in 2009. She fell in love with Pilates and therabands right away! Theresa has a strong understanding of the human body, especially the back. Theresa has suffered from scoliosis (a curve in the spine). She used to attend physiotherapy, acupuncture, message therapy and chiropractic services 5-6 times a week. When she started doing Pilates, she learned to strengthen her spine and develop strong core muscles which released pain and tension from her back. Theresa became her tool of therapy through rehabilitative exercises. Theresa is certified at Body Harmonics in downtown Toronto. She prefers to use minimal equipment to achieve body awareness. Her style is flowy and relaxing, yet works deep within the muscles to gain ultimate strength and toning results. Theresa loves studying wellness and integrates a sense of peace and self-pride in her classes. She takes a lot of care in the preparation of her classes by incorporating positive, soothing music in the background that calm the nerves and flow to her exercises. Even though her style is calming, you will be sure to feel a good solid “burn” after her classes. Theresa also integrates extensive stretching in between and during each movement. You are sure to feel calm, toned and stretched out after her classes. Clients have indicated that they sleep better and also hurt for days (in a good way). Her classes have been called "Deep Muscle Tissue Fatigue" by some clients. Theresa loves teaching Pilates and motivates individuals for positive self-change. She is also a newly level 1 Reiki practitioner and has the desire to keep learning and growing as a wellness practitioner. She also loves tea and cats.


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