Theresa Evans

Sister Bay, WI
United States

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Nestled in the heart of Door County and surrounded by nature, Stone Path Yoga Studio provides a sanctuary that has brought peace and serenity to many students seeking a practice whose focus includes wellness, restoration and peace.

Believing strongly in the mind-body connection, I began my journey to yoga by first sitting quietly and establishing a meditation practice. When you allow yourself to really observe your mind, you quickly realize how crazy our minds are! The beauty of sitting quietly is that you can take that awareness with you into day-to-day life, into your practice, and learn to pause before you react or push your way through. Quickly you realize that it is your ‘day-to-day’ life that provides the backdrop for your yoga practice to flourish.

Rather than focusing on the outward appearance of the pose, students practicing at Stone Path Yoga are invited to embrace the process. Moving from the inside-out. Using the specialized props of Critical Alignment Therapy (a hatha based therapeutic approach) and Somatics (a movement practice based on careful observation from within), students of all levels are encouraged to practice in a mindful way that is appropriate for their body and functionality.