Theresa Murphy

Oakham, MA
United States

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Theresa Murphy, ERYT500, RYS, Senior Prajna yoga and Insight Yoga Instructor. Her work is deeply influenced by the traditions of classical Hatha Yoga, the ancient Yoga philosophies and the Buddha Dharma. She practices and teaches a blend of several styles, combining strength moves with slow core practice, also lengthening and integrating from skin to organs to bones. In addition to working with the physical she places great emphasis on the subtle systems of the body, somatic-sensory attunment, mantra, and mind training. Theresa's studies span over two decades and include many great teachers of our time: she has been on the mat practicing for over 25 years, has been teaching for 15 years including offering workshops nationally, internationally, the festival circuit, and she ran a yoga teacher training for 8 years having trained yoga teachers all over the mid-west. Her classes are inspiring, educating, challenging and take you places you might never thought you’d go!


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