Theresa Wilson

Naperville, IL
United States

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I've been told that I am a spark that ignites human potential. Yoga changed my life and ignited my desire to become a yoga teacher and coach. I want to help other people change their lives and encourage people to find the answer (or pose!) themselves through exploration.

The world is my workplace. Traveling to Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas gave me the opportunity to value people and cultures for who they are. It also gave me the travel bug. Luckily I am able to marry my love of travel and yoga into one as an international retreat coordinator and facilitator for Wild Abundant Life teacher training courses.

I am self-made chef who loves sharing her joy of food and cooking with others. Nothing fills my heart more than surrounding my table with people I love and preparing a meal for them.

Many people have encouraged me along my yoga journey. I am most inspired on a daily basis by my students. In addition I've been influenced by my mentors Debbie Williamson of Wild Abundant Life and Stacy Dockins from Live Love Teach. I can only hope that I can be a light to someone along their journey.


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