Therese Lowton

Sydney NSW

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Ciao, I'm Therese. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I am a multidisciplinary designer,aerialist and yogi brewed up in Sydney, Australia. I like the colour yellow, eating peanut butter straight outta the jar and riding bicycles. Oh, and flying. I guess that’s why I’m obsessed with aerials.

Recently I packed up my life in Sydney and headed for the hills, or in this case volcanoes, and now reside in sunny Nicaragua. Here I am expanding my mind into the realm of natural and passive building techniques, permaculture, organic and macrobiotic food, farm to table processes, fermentation, yoga, meditation and healing techniques.

I've practiced yoga for 15 years and I have recently completed my 200 HR YTT at the Vinyasa Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India. I am also an aerial artist and Co-Creator of Momentom Collective.

Momentom Collective is a new business model that incorporates in-house skill sharing among co-creators to equip them with a platform to launch their own branch of the business with minimal overheads, liberating them to live the life they want to lead each and every day in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. The Momentom Collective team all have one common interest – yoga and cirque arts, along with an understanding and passion for how they can be used to build community and aid conflict resolution. The business model allows each member to run their own business, feed back to a collective pool for shared resourcing (both energetically and financially) as well as financially support our NGO, Project CirQus. With the common grounds of yoga and circus arts, we are liberated to incorporate play, training, teaching and performance into our every day lives, all while having the opportunity to live on the beach, work from cafe’s, travel, and take our branch of the business in any direction our heart desires.

We have been running our operations out of Nicaragua for 2 years and have recently launched our series of Yoga and Circus retreats based on the Moment-OM methodology. Our retreats include yoga, physical conditioning, circus skills, organic food, discussion platforms as well as plenty of surfing, bonfires and hammock time! In addition to this, we make time to visit the community centres that we are teaching in and we visit a permaculture farm so you can learn through getting your hands dirty on one of the worlds most sustainable projects.


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