Thurston Todd Long

Cincinnati, OH
United States

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Todd took his first yoga class at the suggestion of a trusted friend and was amazed at how the breathing exercises and poses were strenuous, yet relaxing… almost prayerful.
He began practicing yoga regularly after noticing how it consistently stilled his mind while strengthening his body. Wanting to learn more, he took a 200 hr, then 300 hr teacher training later specialty trainings.
“I’ve always exercised, but never been flexible, and carry a few old sport and work-related injuries… basically, I am a normal person who has found yoga to be a meaningful way to connect body, mind and spirit. I help others find that same connection, inviting and encouraging them on their own journey of health and growth. Perhaps my late start and practical focus will inspire and encourage others to join the community and get started,” said Todd.
He and his wife Cynthia have been married since 1985, have three children, and four grandchildren.


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