Tiffany Goyer

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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Tiffany Goyer, LMFT, MA, RYT, is the founder of Find Your Flourish™, a women’s retreat to help you reconnect to your latent dreams, and live the life you really want (instead of the life you “should” have). Her work brings you a wealth of healing modalities to synchronize the body, mind and spirit.

Tiffany is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, a Health, Wellness & Relationship Coach, a Certified Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. As a coach, she was trained by Martha Beck. As a yoga teacher, she holds two 200-hr Certifications: One in Kundalini Yoga, and a second in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. She has also been trained in LifeForce Yoga™, which is specifically designed for alleviation of anxiety and healthy mood management.

Tiffany believes that when you are fully-expressed and embodied, you will naturally feel irresistible to yourself. In this space: Anything is possible. Connect with her (and find your flourish!) at