Tiffany Lodes

Seattle, WA
United States

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I believe in teaching people how to be and move in their own bodies. It is my goal to empower people to learn more about themselves, their bodies and how to better take care of themselves.
I consider myself a movement educator. I teach Yoga, Yamuna Body Rolling, fascial movement, and Pilates. I enjoy combining all of my education and knowledge into sessions and classes for my students. Most people have not heard of Yamuna Body Rolling. YBR is a very powerful self -fixing and maintaining tool that everyone can do regardless of his age or physical limitations. YBR organizes the body bringing all the parts back to working the way they should and can be. YBR® is a natural complement to Yoga. Their goals are the same - to free the body of restrictions, eliminate stress and tension; creating a calm and balanced you. YBR® can be integrated into any Yoga practice, helping to improve your practice and prevent injury.

I have been a student of movement for most of her life. I have been teaching movement (dance, yoga, Pilates, etc) for over 25 years. I found my first yoga class while she in college, as a dancer and was interested in yoga as a way to de-stress and take care of her body. I was originally attracted to yoga because of its connection of breath and movement and saw it as a great moving meditation. Something I very much needed to balance my busy life. Later I began to deepen my practice and was drawn more to the philosophical teachings of yoga. I am a E-RYT 200 Yoga instructor & YACEP, a STOTT PILATES instructor, a Yamuna® Body Rolling Certification Instructor, I have a BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago, and am currently in a 500 hour Yoga training program & the Parayoga training program with Yogarupa, Rod Stryker.

Tiffany has a strong background in anatomy & kinesiology and is trained in various movement modalities. She is a self-professed education addict and is always working to gain more tools to benefit her students. She strives to share her knowledge and experience to help students in a fun and supportive environment. Tiffany composes a well-rounded class aimed at bringing awareness & balance to the body. She feels it is important to educate students about their bodies and empower them to take an active role in developing a strong, supple, balanced, injury-free body. To learn to be & live in your body in the best way for you. Tiffany has taught throughout the Seattle area, across the US, and abroad. She offers group classes, private instruction, workshops, YBR teacher trainings, and retreats.


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