Till Hokema


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Yoga has been part of my life quite some time. In the beginning of 2016 I decided to be come a yoga teacher. Currently I am giving yoga classes in Salzburg, Austria on a regular basis.

For me yoga is not only a physical exercise but has transformed into a philosophy I live life after. Obviously not as a set of stiff rules but as a guidance that helps me to be aware of what is really important to me. It helped me to solve physical problems and allows me to tackle each day with enthusiasm. I enjoy very much passing this on, so more people find a way to concentrate on what matters to them and to live a happy life.

I'm really thankful for the great feedback, influence, inspiration and knockledge I have received from teachers like Selma Brenner, Patrick Broome, Timo Wahl, Krishnataki, Dennis Dattatreya Wittmann, Eberhard Bärr, Ariadna Castorena and Adriene Mishler.


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