I love helping people reach their full potential through awareness and exploration of the physical self - being able to feel into our body is key to living the fullest expression of who we are.

I have worked as a physiotherapist most of my life and studied acupuncture, Clinical Pilates, Arvigo Therapy (Maya abdominal massage), the Buteyko technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nordic Walking and It's Yoga though that has really given me the tools to navigate life with greater ease, confidence and joy.

My teachings aim to help us connect with ourselves - right here, right now - and be more than OK with what is here! In private sessions I tend to draw clients who have musculoskeletal or other health issues, especially back pain, pelvic problems and women's health.

Having designed the Buttafly as a seat for meditation, I find its use as a tool for back care second to none. After nearly three years of working with it I still cannot quite explain exactly why it works so well but the results speak for themselves.

To balance out the "inner work" of Yoga I love teaching off the mat, out in nature and with a bit of dance too! We're here to have some fun, yes?!

Namaste TillyLou x


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