Tim Jones

United Kingdom

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I work as a voice teacher, with an approach of Nada Yoga, under the title The Nature of Sound. I teach mainly in the Dorset/Somerset area.
The name The Nature of Sound brings together two ideas - that of the sound-world of our natural environment - birdsong, wind, traffic, the natural sounds of the human expression - with a feeling for sound's own nature, sound's own soul.

The Nature of Sound offers seminars, courses, and musical events that journey in the resonant field of song - through voice, sound and movement, words and open inquiry into our own unique felt sense and experience of sound and vibration.

"Song, as you teach it, is not desire, not
a wooing of something that's finally attained;
song is
learn to forget how you
Real singing is a different kind of breath.
A nothing breath. A ripple in the god. A wind." Rainer Maria Rilke

A free unhindered voice expresses human energy, health and being, intimately connecting us with our musicality and creativity.

Tim Jones is a performer and teacher. He has been facilitating workshops and teaching voice for 30 years. He studied South Indian devotional music with Sivasankara Pannikkar over a 25 year period, and since 1989, Amerta Movement with movement artist Suprapto Suryodamo. He is also a qualified Craniosacral Therapy practitioner.