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I wasn't convinced yoga was for me at all before I started, but back in 2005 a friend who didn't want to try out an Astanga Yoga class alone dragged me, reluctantly, along to a class with him. I had practiced Kundalini Yoga previously, due to my interest in Kundalini energy, but no other styles. I thought to myself "I'll go once or twice just to keep him company and then I’ll let him get on with it". I couldn't do what 80% of the people in the room were doing, and found myself 10 minutes into my first class sweating and shaking, thinking "is this really going on for another hour?!" I really didn't think I'd make it through til the end. But I did, and I loved it! I loved the way it made me feel, I was instantly hooked, and I just kept going back. Gradually, it got easier and easier, and I became stronger, more flexible, and most importantly I found I was much mentally calmer. The friend who took me along to that first class only did it for about 9 months and then gave up, and we've since grown apart. But 11 years later, I'll never forget how it all "accidentally" started.

I regularly attended Astanga yoga classes in Oxford and I became very interested in other Yoga styles, and took classes in Sivananda Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and various forms of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, as well as Yin Yoga. I eventually I became a regular practitioner of Yin and Vinyasa Flow. I have also attended many Vinyasa Flow Yoga retreats and workshops in various places around the world.

I completed a Vinyasa Flow teacher training with Shiva Rea in London, and a Yin training with Sarah Powers in the USA, both in 2008, mostly to further my own knowledge and study of Yoga. I eventually I started teaching my own regular Vinyasa Flow and Yin classes in Oxford in 2011. I then furthered my teacher training completing my Yoga Alliance certified training at Blooming Lotus Yoga in Thailand in 2014. I feel very much that there is always more to learn, and regularly attend classes, workshops and retreats both locally around the world with many inspiring advanced teachers.

I feel very strongly that the primary purpose of my yoga practise is to quieten my mind, and this is reflected in my teaching style. I feel developing flexibility and strength are of great benefit, but secondary importance, and certainly not prerequisites for starting out in Yoga. I teach dynamic and energetic Vinyasa Flow classes which are a "moving meditation" and fun challenge, which should leave you feeling energetically revitalised and mentally centred. I also teach Yin classes which are gentle, passive and deeply meditative, and should leave you feeling mentally and physically relaxed. My classes are all mixed ability, and all levels of experience are welcome.


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