Tina Rath

Orinda, CA
United States

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Tina offers a highly clarified practice where slower transitions move you through her sophisticated and creative sequencing. Working from a deep understanding of the physical body combined with an intuitive sense of just what is needed in the moment, Tina is able to tailor practices to the people in the room. The residue of the practice, the ability to breath easy through challenges, cultivate and contain energy reserves and release physical and energetic blocks leave the body strong and supple. The mind is calm and peaceful and the spirit is able to expand towards the most vibrant expression of itself.

When not teaching public yoga classes or working with private clients, Tina can be found in her art studio in Oakland. Her work can be found in private and public collections internationally and seen on her art website, Her assistant, Studio Kitty, reminds her of the importance of taking frequent naps.


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