Tina Weikard


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I am a Stuttgart, Germany based Yoga teacher and Dancer. Since a young age, I have been fascinated by movement and dedicated my life to studying many forms and traditions of , Yoga as well as Martial arts, cultivating the unique ability to see things from a scientific as well as NLP point of view. I also love to explore and calm the movement of thoughts thru the techniques of Sahaja Yoga meditation.

I am certified in Vinyasa Yoga and brought Aerial Yoga as my unique combination of Dance and Acrobatics to my hometown. Combining the fluidity of dance movements and the well-defined structure of Yogic movements, I evolved her own style of Yoga - Mano Yoga. Mano yoga focuses on flow-creating awareness of body and mind. In my Yoga classes, I inspire the students to explore the power of movement in their own body, breath and mind with complete awareness.

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