Toni Blay

Toronto, ON

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Toni has over 20 years experience in the fitness, health and wellness industry. She obtained her humanities training at Ryerson University, in the Bachelor of Social Work program. She discovered a deep passion and commitment to helping others achieve optimal fitness, health and lifelong wellness. Her journey led her to further education and certifications with the Canadian Fitness Professional Association as a Certified Personal Trainer. She also has studied extensively and holds certifications for Yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling and is a Bronze level Sport condition coach. Toni designed and developed the 9to5 training programs including the 9to5 Body Brush™, 9to5 Body Camp™ and 9to5 Fit It In Office™. These effective training programs have helped many clients transform their relationship with health and wellness. Toni lives a balanced life with health and wellness at the centre of her home. In her down time she can be found reading, running, pursuing a daily yoga practice, skiing, horseback riding, strength training and, most of all, walking with her two daughters and her dog Bella.


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