Tonia Guglielmi-White

Midlothian, TX
United States

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Let me share how yoga came into my life! I was overweight just about my entire life, from the tween years on up. After diet/lifestyle changes in 2001 pushed me to lose 86 pounds, I began looking for a new way to maintain my weight loss. I hit the campus gym religiously with a friend, but it was getting dull. I jogged around my neighborhood, but at that time I was miserable running. I found a yoga DVD in 2002 and fell in love. I was always in my living room floor taking up all of the space! I tried my first actual class in 2006 at a major gym franchise and I decided I wanted more live instruction. Due to a series of family tragedies beginning in 2007, I stopped yoga suddenly to spend more time with my dad. All forms of exercise stopped. It did not take me long to realize that yoga was what I needed back in my life, and not just for a workout routine. A friend invited me to join them at a local studio and I have never looked back.
Yoga keeps me grounded, keeps me in shape and just plain makes me happy. It’s all encompassing – mind, body and spirit. It is for EVERYONE of any body type, age or ability. You don’t have to put your feet behind your head (unless you want to!). There are modifications for everyone to push themselves to their edge. Like snowflakes, no yoga pose looks exactly the same when performed by different people – and with that, there is no judgment! Everyone is at their own pace on their own mat focusing on themselves. It is a gift you give yourself among the crazy moments of life! A few minutes to zoom in on YOU, sweat, push yourself and let it go. The acceptance and joy I feel with each practice is off the charts. I want to share what yoga and this studio has done for my body, mind and spirit. The self discipline I’ve mastered through my practice shows in my every day life at home, at work – as well as when I run. Yes, I now run and I do so often! In these last several years I’ve completed a multitude of runs from 5Ks to half marathons… and I actually enjoy it!


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