Tory Lane

Sydney NSW

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As a teacher, being able to share my knowledge, experiences & spirit with others is a gift that I am always grateful for. I want my clients to feel supported and free to explore their body, mind and spirit in a space free from judgement and stress. I teach from my heart and always come wearing a smile and a burst of positive energy.

My first yoga class was not a graceful experience. I felt lost, uncoordinated and self-conscious. "It’s definitely not for me", I remember thinking. It took another two or so years before I returned and never would I have expected I'd be here today writing my yoga teacher bio!

While yoga started as a physical activity for me, it wasn’t long before the holistic benefits of this ancient practice started to seep into every aspect of my life. Yoga challenges and balances me – physically, mentally and emotionally. With a penchant for many of life’s pleasures and the ability to burn the candle at both ends, yoga is my trusty equilibrium. Yoga encourages me to embrace and honour my physical & energetic body, as well as the mental and emotional clutter of my life. I’m learning (always learning) to let go and just be.

Teaching was a natural progression. While I love the flow and dance of a Vinyasa practice I understand too well how this can cause more harm than good when you're not connected. It’s this understanding that lead me to Yogalates, where Yoga & Pilates meet.​


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