Tra Kirkpatrick

Atlanta, GA
United States

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I was led to yoga in the spring of 1998 when unexpectedly coming upon an open house at a local yoga studio. At the time, I was in a place of Divine Discontent - unhappy, unhealthy, and unsettled. Despite that I had no yoga experience and no language to describe what I felt during my first experience on the mat, I knew that I was deeply touched by the practice so I kept going back.

My desire to know more about the human body and the ways in which we are intricately woven led me to become certified as a Yoga Therapist, using the tools and techniques of Tantra Hatha Yoga to restore balance, increase vitality, and improve mental well-being. Simultaneously, I began to study the art of Thai Yoga Therapy and found that these two therapeutic modalities offered clients a place where compassion, love, and acceptance supported their paths of healing and wholeness.

I am a Director for the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts in both the school’s 200-hour and 500-hour training programs. I offer regular workshops and programs throughout the east coast, weekly classes in Decatur and Atlanta, as well as see private clients for both yoga therapy and Thai Yoga in Decatur.


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