Tracey Ostrand

Chicago, IL
United States

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One of my greatest joys is witnessing and holding the space for healing and transformation to occur. To watch a soul come home, or see years of held pain released. To see forgiveness move through a person’s entire being and then to see that forgiveness give birth to gratitude and peace. It’s a gift to me, to do this work. I have trained in and am a practitioner and teacher of: Reiki, Yoga, All Love, and the Akashic Records. I also have been blessed by my ceremonial grandfather Singing Man to preform Native healings and Purification Ceremonies. I endeavor to hold the space of true compassion and unconditional love in all my classes, workshops, and private sessions. I encourage empowerment, and believe that I am just providing the energy or a little assistance for others to heal themselves.
For me, true humility happens in those moments that you recognize the all, the oneness, in all its magnificent glory; and the humility comes in the recognition that you are an integral part of the all, that you are needed to play this role, to be this essential part. The feeling is so overwhelming that you fall to your knees in gratitude for being this life, this you, for being part of this magnificence that is creation. And you recognize the overwhelming vastness, and even though you are in the knowing that you are just one small part of an infinite whole, you are also in the knowing of how important your piece is, and that God, or the All, loves it when you Shine.

Dedicated to turning my Shine on and assisting others to do the same.


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