Tree Frog Rivet

Palatka, FL
United States

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Tree Frog is a passionate healer, hooper, and yoga instructor. A Saint Augustine native that graduated from Flagler College with a Political Science major and is Kripalu yoga certified. Tree Frog is now developing Swamp Dance, a non profit off grid teaching situation oriented toward maximum Florida healthiness. She has developed a 7 step motivational exercise program combining hoops and yoga in addition to sustainable organic gardening projects. She raises 3 types of mushrooms and produces the Giant Shiitake Mushroom Festival. She wrote a book based on the program that she promotes at local Florida markets and shows along with her own hula hoops. She is producing Hoopla in New Smyrna Beach October 3, 2015, a free hula hoop festival for health and fun. Tree Frog is also an accomplished lapidary/jewelry artist working with meteorites, dinosaur parts, and Florida artifacts. She enjoys watching the stars, reading palms, and visiting Florida's springs. Check her out on Facebook at Move and Stretch Yoga and


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