Trillian Wright-johnson

Santa Fe, NM
United States

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My Yogic Path began twenty five years ago with my formal Eastern Philosophy studies and my practice of Mindfulness and Meditation. After many years of practice, I began to study the Asanas and later went through my formal teacher trainings in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara. This training has been supplemented with a vast number of workshops with Yoga Masters and thousands of hours in private practice on my mat. My studies led me to the importance of a greater knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Structural Integrity, Somatic Awareness, and Yoga Therapeutics. I have experience working with a vast variety of physical disabilities, injuries, post-surgical recover, hip and shoulder replacement, Lumbar hardware, MS, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, and the many natural challenges of aging.
I teach a variety of classes for a variety of levels – but all classes are taught with a variety of props to assure proper alignment and the ability to experience the posture more fully. All classes include Somatic Awareness and a great sense of Mindfulness Meditation…. Classes are a foundation for greater balance, health and harmony in the body and the mind; but they are also for creating an ever-important Home Practice. Yoga is a moment-to-moment practice that embraces a multitude of subtleties in our lives –
Yoga is so much more than simply doing the postures.


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