Trish DeViSha

Kilsyth VIC
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I currently teach at various gyms & studios, corporate classes, individualized group & personal sessions, & run occasional workshops around Melbourne CBD, Northern & Eastern suburbs.

Along with my love of & training in yoga, I also have a background in dance, Qigong & TaiChi martial arts & Yogic & Daoist energy cultivation & tantra, as well as immersive study into various spiritual philosophies & esoteric sciences.

In many of my regular classes I often run "Astro Yoga", a fusion of Yoga & Astrology, where I design the yoga practice based upon the movements of the planets & seasons to keep us in sync with the Universe, with levels of intensity tailored for various styles of classes & options within those classes catering to participants' varying abilities & goals.

I have worked with a wide range of clients from gym/studio, corporate groups, & senior clients, to elite athletes & professional dancers for whom I designed yoga based exercises & practices to complement their other training.

I teach a fusion style based on the different things I have studies & explored over the years & generally tailor my classes sessions to suit the clients/studio needs.

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