Tristessa Moore

United Kingdom

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As the owner of , I am able to support the educational attainment, growth mindset (Dweck), resilience, health and well-being of young people through Mindful Yoga in education via the in Hull were adolescents have lower levels of emotional health. As a result, my classes take place in primaries, schools and colleges. I also deliver a specially devised Mindfulness programme for schools which is highly interactive and includes all resources through Mind with Heart as one of their educators. Mindfulness is proven to cultivate focus, enhance health and well-being as well as improve pupil relationships which can impact on lower levels of bullying incidents, including cyber.

I also provide workshops for school and college staff. Studies have shown that mindful yoga reduces teacher burnout, and sickness absence, as well as increase student empathy and can also improve performance in class.

My other experiences include the delivery of plenary talks for Mental Health First Aid for both youth and adults across England. I also do therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness for Paul for Brain Injury clients.


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