Tulletha Pollett-Scott

Masterton Wellington
New Zealand

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Offering Yoga to Youth (12-24 yrs) & to our Community in the Wairarapa region and beyond.

My aim is to spread yoga throughout our community, locally but also globally - Making yoga and mindfulness practices accessible to ANYONE of ANY AGE.

Teens and Young adults especially can have quite a time at discovering who they are and who they want to be. This time, along with changing of body, social image, peer pressure, feeling the need to conform, study stress's and all the other 'stuff' that comes along with teen years, can be a very challenging for young adults.

YOGA and a 'mindful' awareness can establish grounded'ness', self appreciation, self awareness, fitness, clarity of mind, healthy connections with others and in general can help to contribute to healthier beings. That cant be all that bad, huh!??

My aim is to help youth and young adults around my community, (local and global) become mindfully aware, happier and healthy beings by offering them tools from the yoga practice to help them in positive, healthy lives both now and in the future.

I come with 13 years experience of working with youth and young adults, in the outdoor education and self development fields. Having just finished Yoga Teacher training for teens, I am now excited to spread the yoga love and knowledge I have gained throughout our community!

Namaste, Tulletha


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