Tullio Altieri

South Africa

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My path began in my early 20s when I injured my back while training martial arts, I experienced first hand the benefits of conscious bodywork and self healing practices like Qi Gong. I decided to train further in the healing arts, a journey which continues to this day.
I started practicing my art at The Yoga Connection for a number of years where I offered classes in Qi Gong, Rebounding and Laughter Yoga before establishing my own space.

Fast forward 12 years and what I've seen on this path is that the worst thing for health and happiness is chronic stress.
Stress does have a place in our lives, it can be a great motivator and force for growth, but, that's not what I've noticed.
I see all around me people so stressed that they are too tired to breathe, too irritated to connect and too busy for joy.

I truly believe I have found the best medicine for laughter, regular laughter! That's what laughter yoga is all about.

Regular classes starting soon in Murrayfield Pretoria.

If it's too far for you, start your own laughter group, I am certified to offer training in Laughter Yoga - contact me for details


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