Tye Fielding

Camden NSW

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Yoga has been apart of my life for maby years now, practicing casually on and off, falling in and out of dedication to practice.
It wasn't until I was traveling through south India taking various yoga classes that and i realized how incredible the power of yoga actually can be! Realizing that yoga is not merely a tool to improve flexibility and physical fitness but a lifestyle that vastly improves the quality of life in all endeavors.
It was then I realized yoga was an art i wanted to spend the rest of my life learning, understanding and sharing with others.
This realization lead me to journey to Rishikesh India, the yoga heart of the world, were I studied and graduated 500hr TTC advanced yoga teaching.
I specialize in Hath, vinyasa flow, meditation and Yin and massage therapy
I have been teaching dance and fitness for the past 6 years and love the freedom to share my passions with others.

My greatest aspiration is to forever learn, explore and expand my love, knowledge and understanding.


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