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I’m an Artist, Yoga Teacher, Producer and Spiritual Guide from London with over a decade of yoga experience. My background in arts & entertainment helped me define my body as an instrument, and my journey with yoga has helped me appreciate and refine myself as a vessel, in a truly holistic sense.

After graduating a theatre conservatory, working in the arts and navigating busy New York City, in pursuit of my own peace, optimal health and purpose, I was led to train with Master Teacher Mitsukha in the Himalayan Tradition. Thereafter, I became a mother and have continued to both train in and teach Pregnancy and Restorative Yoga. Constantly evolving on my wellbeing journey, I am also a Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer.

I have led workshops in London, New York, New Orleans, Paris and Grenada – inspiring students from as young as 4 to 80 years old. This international education, along with my nurturing and real global experience as a performer, has provided me with a greater appreciation for the diverse and universal responsibilities we have to our communities.

I offer dynamic and restorative classes with a strong emphasis on Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Mindfulness. In addition, I hold qualifications in Media, Music and Arts Education, with a certificate in Passion Driven Learning from Harvard.

I am constantly learning and look forward to inspiring others to feel encouraged and empowered to do the same. Tzaddi Yoga: The Art of Living Well represents my natural artistic evolution.


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