Tziporah Kingsbury

San Diego, CA
United States

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My name is Tziporah, A mentor and educator in the areas of love and intimacy and an Integrative Breath Work Master Teacher.

I work with with mindful, conscious, spiritually seeking professionals who are struggling with the relationships in their life. That may be relationship to their body, their partners or themselves. Feeling like they have lost this sense of deep connection. They have become robotic, and unfulfilled in their actions.

That might be showing up as a loss of enthusiasm for work, life and intimacy. Feeling tired, uninspired and may be noticing a lot of emotional reactions within themselves. As well the ability to simple be and express themselves to their fullest in their lives.

I help them return to what I call "Right Relationship" with themselves, Body, Mind and Spirit. When they do that they feel freer, physically and emotionally. They are empowered to create their life, with clear boundaries and safety that meets their emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual needs.

Together we transform their lives and our way of relating from Ordinary to Extraordinary!


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