Ulla Upma Kaur Steen


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My yoga path started 14 years ago.

Before that, I was a successfull clothes designer, but totally out of reach with my inner self.

Yoga found me at the perfect time of my life, where I needed peace, inner balance and self-awareness.

I started attending yoga almost every day of the week, and I got so dedicated, that I signed up for a yoga teacher education.

After 2 years of yoga school I graduated, and started a transformative and authentic journey towards a life in accordance to what I believe is my true self. For every step I take in that direction, my life is changing for the better. It is a constant journey and has impact on my relationships, spirituality and my career - in fact it has helped me to understand my limits and abilities and given me the most wonderful job in the world - being a yoga teacher!

In the beginning the attraction was purely physical. But as the years passed by with steady daily practice, increased prana and strength, my understanding of the significant deeper levels of yoga began to resonate. I was speaking from my heart and allowed my head to listen. And the journey brought me to all corners of the world, seeking more and more knowledge of this wonderful way of discovering my inner self and the feeling of being present, attentive, curious and patient. Virtues I completely had forgotten in my "former" life.

This journey brought me to a Kundalini yoga teacher, and I feel in love with the teacher….., but the joy, happiness and fantastic life-force that is found in the Kundalini. It felt almost like a puzzle, where you find the missing brick.

I love yoga… it´s my passion and I feel so blessed to have it in my life.

Where it will take me in the future….. We´ll see (o:


Ulla Upma Kaur Steen


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