Undine Whande

Cape Town WC
South Africa

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Undine is a peacebuilder at heart. Most of her life she has worked in various conflict resolution and social justice initiatives in Africa and Asia. In her search for the core of what enables true transformation and fosters genuine non-violence, she learned that you can grow the ability to be in the midst of life’s challenges and be at peace through yoga. The connection between our finite existence and our inner infinity is what allows us as humans to fully unfold into our potential, beauty and destiny. Throughout her life Undine has held a personal line of inquiry about how to heal the woundedness of painful pasts - of countries, communities, families and individuals. Kundalini Yoga was key in her own intensive personal healing quest, tending to the trans-generational wounds as a child of parents deeply traumatised by war. Undine has taught Kundalini Yoga to people in villages in Zimbabwe and urban communities in South Africa, and to the beautiful people at the Camphill Village.


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